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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Wrap Up

March seriously had to be one of the longest months of my life. It felt like it was never ending. But here we are. April is one of my most favourite months and it totally is because my birthday is in April and it's spring and school is over. I love April. So I am looking forward to it.

Check out my March Wrap Up/April TBR video below. It's pretty epic, I say Um a lot!

Like I mentioned in my last wrap up. I didn't think I was going to post much (which was true) and I didn't read much (also true). I did manage to read five books though.

Books Read:

1) What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton
2) Perdita by Hilary Scharper
3) Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
4) Frost by Wendy Delsol
5) Lover Reborn (reread)

Books Reviewed:

Again, I only reviewed three books in the most of April and they were:

1) Unremembered by Jessica Brody
2) Altered by Jennifer Rush
3) Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys


My challenges were blah this month. I didn't listen to an audio book and I didn't read a debut. For shame, I know. But I did post reviews for both in March.

Debut Author Challenge: 2/20

YA Audiobook Challenge: 3/12

2013 Reading Challenge: 20/75 (2% over)

Random side note:

One of the Earlier Top Ten Tuesday topics was your Spring TBR, I have managed to read one from that list and I am currently working on number two now (whoop whoop).


  1. BAHAHA!! That was a brilliant intro - "I really enjoyed the book a lot actually - No, no I didn't... I hated it." There are books I can think of like that where I have such conflicted emotions about, heehee.

    I like wrap up vlogs, as well! I like the little mini summary reviews for books read for the month.

    I am shocked you of all people haven't read Boundless yet! I hope you can find time in April among your exams.

  2. At least you've got five books read...Wish I could squeeze in some more reading time in April... Also Lola <3


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