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Monday, November 1, 2010

Out Tomorrow

Yippee the last installment of the Bride Quartet comes out tomorrow and I am pretty stoked about it! I loved this whole series, it was easy to read and made me feel all nice and gooey. So I can't wait!


  1. What was your favorite book so far? I have to say, I loved Bed of Roses the best. :P

  2. My favorite was Savour the Moment. For sure. But I have to say I am pretty excited for this one. Parker is so head strong I am looking forward to her falling in love!

  3. You'll enjoy it then. There's one scene I really like between Parker and Mal. :P

  4. Out of all of the books, my favorite book was Bed of Roses too. LOVED me some Jack, I wanted to like Del and Laurel's book so much because of all of the baking but *sigh* for me, Jack's book tops them all!

    I agree, I think you'll like this one. It was nice to finally see how Mal tames Parker.


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