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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blast From The Past: The Hunter's Moon by OR Melling

The Hunter's Moon By O.R. Melling
16 year old Gwen is spending the summer in Ireland with her cousin Findabhair. The two have always looked for doors into the other world, but did they really expect to find them? When Findabhair is kidnapped by the High King of Faerie, Gwen must chase the fairy court around Ireland to try and save her cousin. But does Findabhair want to be saved? And what dark secret lies behind the fun and the shimmer of magic?

(The original cover from when I first read this book in 1996)

One of the very first books that I remember reading was The Hunter's Moon by O.R. Melling. I was in the fourth grade when I read it which would mean that I was nine which thinking back was maybe a little young to be reading a book about 16 year olds and their loves. I think it was this book that made me fall in love with books and reading. Because it was such an amazing tale. It was so intense and scary and so much fun. It was an epic adventure for me. I loved every minute of it. There was so much going on and Gwen met so many amazing people on her adventure. Some you hated (well wanted to, but couldn't really) and some you loved. I adore this story and have read it numerous times.

When I found out it was not in print anymore I think I cried (I'd borrowed the original from the school library so I did not own it). But on my 16th birthday my mom surprised me with The Chronicles of Faerie, which was a publication of The Hunter's Moon, The Summer King and The Light Bearer's Daughter (all part of the same story). All of these stories are amazing but nothing (well to me at least) like The Hunter's Moon. I think The Hunter's Moon is back in print and farily easy to get a hold of, so if you can, do.

So there is my little trip down memory lane, happy reading everyone.

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