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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Thoughts: Crave by JR Ward

I love to read. We all know that. For me it's a little bit of an addiction, and sometimes not in a good way. I sometimes need to physically pull myself away from a book, tell myself OK Girlie, no more. So when I read a book and find that it's not all that hard for me not to read it I know something is wrong.

When reading JR Ward's new one in her Fallen Angel series: Crave, I found that it was pretty easy to put down and do other things. Not because I didn't like it (I did to an extent) but simply because it was too long.

I have posted about this woman and her Black Dagger Brotherhood series and how much I looooooove it. Any book in this series could be 1000 pages and it still wouldn't be long enough. However with the Fallen Angel series both books have topped off at over 450 pages, and for a new series, new characters, new everything, it got a little boring at around page 250, especially knowing that there was still 200+ pages to read.

But... Crave was a lot better, story wise, then Covet (book one) was. Maybe it was the second book and I knew what to expect. When I first read Covet I was a little disappointed because the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is soooooo good, and I had high high expectations for this new series. Like really high, and it was meh, a little busy and convoluted. So much in one book, so long. The second was less busy (still pretty convoluted) there was a little less to follow, and I liked the characters more. They were a little more believable, a little less pathetic.

Overall this isn't the greatest series, although it really isn't all that bad either, I'll probably keep reading it. I really love her other series and would rather read more of that then this new one.

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  1. I gave up on this series back after Z's book. All of the yo homie yo slang got on my nerves.


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