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Thursday, December 9, 2010

From Book to Movie (2)

I Am Number Four By Pittacus Lore. This movie looks stinking awesome! I can say that I am pretty excited for it's release. But again, this is a book I have not read-I plan to before the movie comes out. Because I want to know what happens at the end and the only way I'll know any time soon is if I read the book. This trailer and the last that I posted both star Alex Pettyfer which is a total coincidence I swear. But he looks way hotter in this movie then Beastly (and not for obvious reasons).

I'm sure a million of you have already seen this trailer but it's pretty exciting so watch it again. I really can't wait for this movie.

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. I hadn't seen it but it does look freaking awesome!!!
    I wanna see it, though I'll probably won't read the book.


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