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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dusty Volumes-2011 Reading Challenge

I have been painfully embarrassed with my results on the 'Books I Have and Have Not Read' post which you can find here. I feel like there are so many books that I should have read already that are great classics and I have no excuses as to why I have not read them. I have had every intention of reading a number of the books but for some reason I have not. I needed a little incentive; which I have now found with The Dusty Volumes Challenge hosted by Midnyte Reader.
There are rules and all that fun stuff and they are outlined well on her blog.
The Dusty Volumes that I am hoping to read this year are:
  • 1984-George Orwell
  • Jane Eyre-Charlotte Brontë
  • Wuthering Heights-Emily Brontë
  • Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll
  • Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov
  • Dracula-Bram Stoker

That's my list for now. I think that six books is a pretty good start. I am sure that as the year goes on I'll want to read more. But for now this is good. I think this challenge is pretty cool and I would encourage those who want to try out classics to go check it out. So for now...

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. Um, yeah. Haven't read any of these either except for Alice in Wonderland. It is a bit embarassing.

  2. I haven't read any of those books! Isn't that terrible? But I justify it because I've been busy reading other books. Good luck in the challenge and thank you so much for participating!


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