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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Curse of the Unfinished Series

Hi, my name is Sara and I have over 50 unfinished trilogies/sagas/series under my belt.

As most of you know, and have realizing for years, trilogies/sagas (we're just going to call them series from here on out), have been a major trend in most YA fiction. Specifically in the fantasy, sci fi, dystopian/post-apocalyptic genres. Very rarely are we seeing stand alone novels outside of most contemporary stories. In saying this, I was curious about how many unfinished/half finished series I had hanging around. A couple of weeks ago I took the time to do an inventory of all the series I had started. As I was doing this, I got a little overwhelmed and I began to create categories: Series I've completed; Series I've read one book from; Series I've two or more books from; Series I just need finish (the final book has been published, I just need to read it); Series I am totally caught up on (just waiting for the other books to be published).

I was a  little blown away by what I discovered- I have only finished thirteen series (which is kind of pathetic to me), and a few of those are adult romance/paranormal sagas I started and finished before I started this blogging adventure. Thirteen!!! That's it?!?! Terrible.

 The thing is- I have over 40 'book ones' in my repertoire. That's 40 series I read the first book in, but for some reason I chose not to continue for one reason or another. So, I have made the decision- and I am committed to this decision- not to start any more trilogies/sagas/series until I complete two other first. If I complete two, I can start a new one. Which should be good incentive, because there are some pretty fun books coming out that I am eager to read. And I have some firsts on my various shelves that I am eager to get to.

I have 12 series where I only have the last book to read- those are no-brainers. I am going to finish those. Perhaps, in the future, if I am struggling with actually reading these books, I'll get your input on those. But first...What I need your help with is choosing which series I absolutely should keep reading.

Below is a poll of four series in which I have read the first book- and while I enjoyed the first book (for the most part), I wasn't totally taken with the story, and didn't feel like I needed to rush and keep up with the series. I want you guys to vote on which series I absolutely need to keep reading. It's an easy click- and if you feel so inclined to add a comment on what you voted for and why, I'd love that- I want to know what your favourite series is and why.

You gotta keep reading...

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
Jessica Darling by Megan McCafferty
Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta
The Selection by Kiera Cass
Do Quizzes

My goal is to have one of these series completed my the beginning of June- it's ambitious, but I am going to try. Make sure to vote, friends. I'll be using the blog to continue this discussion on all my unread series- Stay Tuned.

~Happy Reading Everyone.

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  1. Yes! The number of series I've started but haven't finished is huge! I read the Jessica Darling series when I was in high school and don't really remember it so my vote goes to The Raven Cycle. The sequels get better.

  2. Girrrrl. I'm in the same boat. I don't even want to know how many unfinished series I have in my bookshelves.

  3. no idea how many i have but since i have difficulties to obtain books it doesn't help
    i voted for the raven boy series as it's nota long one and i'm trying to read it as well

  4. I voted for The Raven Cycle and it's the front runner so I'm excited :D I've made it a goal of mine since last year to FINISH off some series and so far I've been successful! You've made me want to do the numbers too now though and see how many series I have on the go! Good luck! xx

  5. Yup, I felt pretty overwhelmed when I did a similar thing last year and took inventory of all of the series I was in the middle of... It was pretty shocking! I ended up setting rules for myself too - I had to finish off a certain number of series before I let myself start a new series. And I decided to be pretty strict with other series that I had started but I wasn't sure if I wanted to finish, and I ended up DNFing tons of series. But good for you for maybe wanting to give these ones another shot despite not being totally into the first book. I had to vote for The Raven Cycle because I really did love book #2 and #3 more than book #1 - and I think there's a good chance you will too! I hope you get more into the series anyways despite not being the biggest fan of Maggie Stiefvater's writing!


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