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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Recap

It's March 1st and time for me to reflect on the past month.

February was full of good and bad. I have a pretty high stress job, which has been VERY high stress and a little overwhelming for me since about October. So, at the beginning of the month a friend and I went to Tulum in Mexico- The Mayan Riviera- and it was absolutely amazing!  This was my very first tropical vacation, and I absolutely loved it.

It was so relaxing. We had two full beach days- where we sat on the beach, read and jumped in the ocean when we got hot. I freaking love the ocean! It's so clear and blue and I swam (well snorkeled) with Dori fish and sea turtles and I saw eagle and manta rays. It was lovely. We were there for seven days and I was able to start and finish two books (it probably could have been more, but the first book I wasn't a huge fan of, so it took me some times to finish). 

After that, I came back to madness at work, got sick and am now trying to play catch up- again. 

Anywho, onto the bookish recap

Number of books completed


Physical books




Favourite Read of the Month

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

This was my vacation and read and it was absolutely perfect for the beach! It was a light fun book, and I loved the characters so much. If you haven't read this- get on it! 

Favourite Listen of the Month

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

I am slowly rereading the Harry Potter series by listening to it. My local library has them all on audio and the narrator, Jim Dale, is absolutely genius. He's really making the series fun. Now I am eagerly waiting for Goblet of Fire to be available, but I have five people ahead of me- BOOOO!!

How am I doing on my bookish resolutions: 

Okay- I read The Little Prince as part of my List of Twelve goal. And I am currently reading a debut, which I thought I would have finished by yesterday, but work has been insane and I come home exhausted. So, I'm not reading at much. My goal for March is to get at least two debuts read. It's really important to me that I get that done. 

That's about it for me. Bring on March, and hopefully things on my end will slow down and I can get some serious reading in. I would like to have physically read six books (break this cycle of five), and go from there. 
~Happy Reading Everyone! 

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  1. So jealous! Mexico looks gorgeous. I'm glad you had fun, Sara! Time to start planning BEA? :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear your job is so stressful. I don't think I could handle such a job so kudos to you. And I'm glad you got in a relaxing vacation! A tropical beach vacation seems like the perfect fix, even if it's only temporary. I'm also pleased you enjoyed Since You've Been Gone!

  3. So glad you enjoyed your vacation, Sara!!! :D I'm a HUGE fan of tropical vacations. I love the sun, and there's nothing like being able to just chill on the beach with nothing to do other than read and relax! :D

    I still have to read SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE. I started it a while back, but I tried to read it on a plane and I was so uncomfortable on the plan ride that I didn't get very far into it before I gave up on reading and tried to sleep a bit instead. I should definitely pick it up again if you loved it so much though!!! :D

    And I hope things at work have eased up at least a little for you! My week at work has been SUPER stressful, so if yours is even half that bad all the time, I think you definitely deserve a relaxing vacation at least once a month. ;)

    Ambur @ Burning Impossibly Bright


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