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Thursday, May 5, 2011

RAK: May

Book Soulmates
Hey Everyone!

Last month was the very first time I participated in Random Acts of Kindness hosted by Book Soulmates. Although I did not receive anything I had a WHOLE lot of fun sending books out.  I have decided to participate again this month.

For those of you new to RAK please visit the girls at Book Soulmates to find out more. It's really cool and I think everyone should sign up.

Looking for my wish list? You can find my partial one here and the full one here.

Thanks so much.

*In case you haven't aleady. Make sure to enter my super cool, out of this world giveaway--> Here.
Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. I'm pretty sure I have an extra copy of A Great and Terrible Beauty I can send you. I know I had two but I can't remember if I lent out my extra one or not. This is my first month of RAK so I hope I can help you out :) I'll email you if I find it!


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