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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BDB Bookclub Challenge-Lover Eternal.

Here we go again!

1. On a scale from 1-5, what would you rate this book? Briefly tell us why.

Totally a 5. I have two favourite books in this series and this is one of them. I loved Rhage, and I loved Mary.

2. Did you have an preconceived notions about this book given that we knew it would be from the point of view of a different brother?
I liked Rhage in Dark Lover, so I was looking forward to this book. I don't think I had a preconceived notion about this. High expectations yes. 

3. What did you think of Rhage's transformations?
They were pretty intense. I hated that they caused him physical pain.

4. What did you think of Rhage and Mary's first encounter at the Brother's house?  Did you foresee a relationship forming after this meeting?

Oh Rhage. I thought Mary was perfect for Rhage. If there was ever a pairing I was all for. It was this one. It was awesome! I knew they were meant to be.

5. Ward seems to like forcing her characters to make some hard choices.  What did you think of Rhage's choice to save Mary at the end of the book?  Would you do the same for someone you loved?

Rhage's decision broke my heart. Because it broke his. He loved Mary and was willing to sacrifice his freedom (getting rid of the beast) for her survival. I thought that was truly selfless. Yes I would totally do that for someone I loved.

** I can't answers the next two questions. I've read the series and this could lead to me spilling the beans. Which would be sad.
6. Do you think John will become a brother after his transformation?

7. Do you think Bella will become Zsadist's shellan?  What, if anything, do you think this will do to Phury and Zsadist's relationship as a result given that Phury showed mild interest in Bella as well?

Happy Reading Everyone!

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  1. Oh! I love love this book. This one is my favorite too! :D


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