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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Thoughts: Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney

Jasmine is sick in bed when a sexy stranger breaks in and reveals she’s suffering an irreversible case of vampirism. And because her turning wasn’t approved by the Council, he must kill her once the transition is complete. In the meantime, the executioner offers to ease her torment with chocolate, hot peppers or sexual release. Fortunately for them both, Jasmine’s kitchen is bare...

Hunger Aroused I received through netGalley. So Thankyou. Dee Carney's book was fantastic... for the first 60 or so pages. It was really good, fast paced, hot as anything you can imagine and made you want to keep reading, however it piddled out as it went on.

In the beginning you meet Jasmine who works in a hospital and is very sick. Then there is Corin who is the man sent to kill her. But he seduces her instead. Sounds great eh? There were mysteries that were presented in the beginning that were pretty cool, and I was excited to dig deeper into them. Unfortunately they weren't really well explained. Certain plots weren't really well developed, and I found that the ones that were, were a little confusing to follow. Certain ideas that were in the story weren't really relevant to the plot as a whole. Which again made Hunger Aroused a very jumbled read. It was little all over the place.

The writing was good. Corin and Jasmine were good characters. I did find Corin a little annoying towards the end. He was very duty focused, and then all of a sudden he changed his tune. Huh?

I kind of feel that perhaps the author took her time writing the beginning (because the beginning was very good) but rushed through a bit more of it towards the end. But I have no idea, I am making assumptions.

I will read Dee Carney again, the end of this book is not going to keep me from reading her. Hunger Aroused had an interesting plot and the writing was ok.

Happy Reading Everyone

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  1. I have never read an adult paranormal romance before. I would like to try it out sometime... not this read based on your review though. Do you recommend one that would be a good place to start?


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