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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sara's June/July Recap

Hello Reader Friends.

It's that time again- monthly recap.Well two monthly recaps actually. I don't plan on making this a huge long post. I am aiming to keep this brief.

June was kind of a wonky month for me- I took an intensive summer course through the university, which kicked my butt. I essentially spent the majority of my time working and studying.  The whole month is kind of a blur really.

July was better, I was done with the course, I took some time off work  (like one day). I went to a Cirque de Soleil show- Kurios, I attended the Winnipeg Folk Fest and saw my love City and Colour. I binged watched Big Little Lies (what a show), spent a few days on the beach, went to a mini film fest. It was kind of a busy month if I really think of it. But good, really good. 

The Books:

Number of Books Completed:

Physical Books:


Physical Books: 

Looking for Group by Rory Harrison (3 Stars) 
Taking Turns by JA Huss (3.5 Stars) 
Nanny With Benefits by London Hale (3.5 Stars) 
Bad Romance by Heather Demetrois (4.5 Stars) 
Until it Fades by KA Tucker (3 Stars) 
Cocky Client by Whitney G (3.5 Stars)

Favourite Read

This is such an important book. Deals with teen dating violence. I go into a lot of detail in my review. This book. It was a lot. 

The Audiobooks: 

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (5 Stars)
Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren (2 Stars) 
The Florentine Bridge by Vanessa Carnevale (2.5 Stars)
Park Avenue Prince by Louise Bay (3.5 Stars) 
The First Taste by Jessica Hawkins (3 Stars) 
Stardust by Neil Gaiman (4 Stars) 
Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (4.5 Stars) 
The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli (4.5 Stars)

This book was AMAZING! Seriously. I read both of Albertalli's books one right after the other and I loved them both. But there was something about Simon that was just SO special. This book is totally worth the hype. 

2017 Resolution Update: 

If you want to see a complete list of my goals check them out here

So, I am little behind- on like everything. I am three books behind on my Goodreads challenge- I am fairly confident I'll catch up. As you can see, I've been totally on the audiobook train these days. I generally am only really "reading" while at work, I am also pretty sure the majority of the audiobooks I listened to were either new buys or from the library (well, one was from the library).  I think the only goal I am succeeding on is the read one 2017 release a month, I've read a bunch of those.

My goal for August is to read more physical books and to catch up on my Goodreads reading challenge. I am not doing great, but I have a plan. 

June on the Blog: 

July on the Blog: 

Stefanie's been the blog's saving grace these past couple months. I love having her here and I hope you do to. With that being said, I am hoping to pick up my blogger boots.  

~Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. I read Simon VS. in like two days. I loved it a lot. I still haven't read her new book, but this makes me want to read it more now.
    Deanna Reads Books

    1. I had The Upside before I had Simon, but for some reason I felt like I needed to read them in order. I can't imagine anyone who enjoyed Simon, not liking the Upside. I hope it doesn't disappoint when you do get around to it.

  2. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was pretty cute. I still need to give Albertalli's new book a try.

    1. I say if you enjoyed Simon, you'll enjoy The Upside. I was glad to have read them one right after the other.

  3. I'm falling behind of my goals too, but that's summer for you. We'll catch up! Your July sounds especially fantastic, which is great to hear. I still need to introduce Simon to my life!

    1. Hiiiiiii Friend! I think you'll really Simon (I think you'll really appreciate Simon and his friendships. I would also recommend the audiobook- I love the narrator.


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