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Sunday, February 5, 2017

January Recap

Whelp, it's February. How did that happen? January flew by!! I can barely believe it.

January was the month I recovered for the craziness of Christmas. I took the week between Christmas and New Years off, which was a much needed break. However, it went by way to quickly and real life has since resumed. Other than work, I have been keeping it pretty low key. I barely socialized at all in January, I played homebody this month. I did go to a Teen Trivia night hosted by Chapters/Indigo I brought my little twelve year old friend, it was actually a lot of fun, I got some pretty sweet bookish swag. I also got together with my local book blogger "book club" and we were finally able do our Holiday gift exchange. It's always fun to get together with those girls and discuss all things bookish, pop culture, politics. I always look forward to our little hangouts.

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The last couple of weeks though have been all about The Fall

I watched the first season of this show a few years ago, and really liked it. At the time season two wasn't yet on Netflix. When it was finally added I didn't immediately watch. I needed to be emotionally ready for the roller coaster that is Paul Spector. I would petition anyone who would write Jamie Dornan off due to his role as Christian Grey to check out The Fall. This man is a brilliant actor, Gillian Anderson also is marvelous. I started season two of this series at the insistence of a friend, I hopped in and whew. I am have two episodes left of the series and WHOA!  British television is so smart, It's remarkable. 

The Books:

Number of books completed 

Physical books 

Physical Books:
Worth the Scandal by Karen Erikson (2.5 Stars)
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle (3.5 Stars) 
Blood Vow by JR Ward (4 Stars) 
A List of Cages by Robin Roe (5 Stars)  

Favourite Read of the Month 

I don't think I need to say much about this book. I shared my full thoughts in my review. But this book was magical and it's done something to me. There are a few books that have really changed my life and this is certainly one of them. 
Winter by Marissa Meyer (4 Stars)
Listen to Me by Kristen Proby (2.5 Stars)
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (4 Stars)
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (5 Stars) - reread
The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones (5 Stars) - reread
Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones (4 Stars) 

Favourite Listen of the Month

This was a reread for me. My book club was reading it, and I wanted to reread it. It was just as wonderful the second time and it was the first time. Don Tillman is such a wonderful character. 

2017 Resolutions Update: 

I think I am starting off this year in an okay way. Check out my resolutions here
I have read 10 books which is two books ahead of my reading challenge
I have listened to more audiobooks than physical books read and I haven't actually listened to any audiobooks in my stock pile (but I'll get there)
I read TWO 2017 releases in January- Eleventh Grave in Moonlight and A List of Cages
I Read A Wrinkle in Time - which was on my list of seven books to read this year. 
For February I would like to focus on reading more. I initially thought I would try and read 100 pages a day- It's the second as I sit here and write this, and I have already failed. But I would like to aim for 2500 physical pages read this month. 

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That was my month! I hope you enjoyed. Till next time. 

~Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic month! I really want to
    read A List of Cages. I've heard nothing but good things about it!

  2. Homebody days are the best. But I'm glad you had fun at your bookish social events too. Never heard of The Fall so I'll have to add that to my to-watch list. You have me so curious about A List of Cages!

    1. I honestly think you'd really appreciate A List of Cages. I think it'll be one of those rare contemporaries you fall in love with.

    2. Aww that's good to hear! I look forward to it :)

      And I forgot to tell you I started The Fall last week and I'm starting season 2 this week. Pretty creepy, but I can't look away!


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