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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going

Be prepared. 
This is going to be a chatty little post.

So, the last couple of months my posting schedule has been a little wonky. I have posted four times since July, and I didn't blog at all in October! That is just craziness. It was during the month of October that I really took the time to reflect about the blog and blogging. During the past six or so months, I have been thinking more and more about how much I want to invest in Just Another Story. How much time can I put into this? can I commit to posting twice a week? Can I commit to one review a week? I didn't know... and I still done. What I do know is that I want to produce solid quality content, can I do that and still post regularly?

The answer in a nutshell: NO!!

BUT!! I know for sure that I am not reading to throw in the towel and quit blogging. I love blogging! I love the people I have met, I love getting excited about books and talking to people are who understand my excitement. I love sharing my thoughts on the books that I have read- both books I loved and not loved. I love everything about Blogging. Everything except the pressure I feel to post consistently.

So, I'm giving that up. 

I'm going back to the old days.  Back to 2010 when I would review a book the day I read it- or months later. I am going back to reviewing any book that I want to- Whether that be and young adult title or an adult romance. I will review any and all.  I will talk about a book that I am excited about reading. 

I am going to let go the blogging pressure and guilt and just doing what I love. 

I would still like to try for at least one blog post a week- but if that doesn't happen okay. I love the Top Ten Tuesday Meme and I will continue to participate in that when the topic of the week interests me, I would also like to write more discussion posts. I have opinions on bookish things and I want to share thoughts, I will also keep reviewing. 

So here we go. The future of Just Another Story. I am excited and I am looking forward to posting more now. 

~Happy Reading Everyone!

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  1. You go, girl! I've learned to accept this fact about a few weeks ago. My philosophy is, I'll write when I can, and I'll post when I feel it's worth the reader's time.

    No guilt. No apologies. Do what makes you happy!

  2. Honestly, it's hard to let the pressure and guilt about not blogging daily go but I firmly that if you blog just because you feel like you have to, it translates into your content. Here's to you becoming a happier blogger, Sara!

  3. Well said! I agree completely! Blogging is supposed to be FUN!
    Love your blog, just subscribed!

  4. *hugs*
    Well said!
    I'm kind of in a similar mindset, I like blogging but don't like feeling like I NEED to produce. I hope you can have more fun now that the pressure is off :)

  5. Mmhmm, I struggle with this too. I still feel pretty guilty if I am not posting regularly, like I'm letting people down. Which I can recognize is ridiculous because I would think my blog friends wouldn't care about that, but it's just the feeling I'm left with. Just need to Let It Go! I miss getting excited about talking books with people instead of feeling obligated.


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