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Monday, July 28, 2014

My Reading Slump

Let's talk about reading slumps. We've all been there, we've all done that, we've all made it out (for the most part). But in recent months I have been struggling with an epic reading slump! It's been completely awful! This year I challenged myself to read 80 books- which is completely doable- it's about 1 1/2 books a week. Which for me, no big deal. As of today- I am three books behind schedule. Which causes me a more stress than I like.

So today, with you, I am going to analyse my reading slump, and ask for your input.

My  reading year started off pretty great. In the month of January I read ten books. Ten pretty amazing books actually. Some of which include, The Book Thief, This Song Will Save Your Life, The Silver Linings Playbook and Of Beast and Beauty. It was pretty fantastic. I have never read Ten books in a month and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. February turned out to be a pretty normal reading month for me, I got six books read. Some were great, others were okay. The same can be said for March and the first part of April. The latter half of April though was pretty amazing. I read a series of five star novels and as you will al know, there is a certain kind of high you get after you've read a really great book. I was experiencing that, ten fold.

Then, the slump

I can pin point exactly when I slipped into this reading slump. Like most who have fallen victim to this vice, it came upon me when I began reading a novel that was not good, after a string of really fantastic reads.

It began when I started reading a book that I was slated to review. I wasn't expecting the book to be great, but I didn't think it was going to be SO bad. I know what you're thinking... why didn't I just quit reading the bad book. I feel a bit guilty not finishing a book I have received for review. There is a certain kind of pressure as a blogger to read and complete books that were sent to you for review. But we'll get to that another time. After the bad book, there were a couple of okay books, with one or two pretty good ones in the mix. But honestly, nothing spectacular.

In the last couple of months I have found that I haven't been completely keen on reading. Not feeling all the excited about picking up a book and spending hours with it. Something is wrong!

SO... I am here today, to ask all of you for your advice. What do you do when you experience a reading slump? How do you get out of it? What do you suggest I do to get excited about reading again?

Also. I am looking for my next great read, so...

What has been the best book you have read recently?

I desperately want to know.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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  1. Generally when in a reading slump I try and read something the complete opposite of the book that inspired the slump. Or a contemporary, a short cute fun contemporary that you can't help but love. I find there's less pressure when reading contemporary because they're generally shorter and easier to read. As for the last great book I read I would have to say either Grunge Gods and Graveyards or the Shatter Me trilogy. I hope your suffering doesn't last much longer!

  2. Aw Sara. We've all been there. And it bites because when you're a hoarder like I am, there is no room for reading slumps. I hope you'll be over it soon. I have a go-to author when nothing looks good (Melina Marchetta). Her books are guaranteed to get me out of the pits.

  3. When in a reading slump, I like cute contemporaries. You don't really have to think about them, and they're really cute.

  4. That's always the saddest thing, when you find that you have no excitement to pick up a book. I'm so sorry to hear this, Sara! I've been in reading slumps before, but never one that has lasted this long. I think it's important not to be stressed out about this too much. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to stay on top of your reading challenge! If you're not enjoying the reading you're doing than it's not like it's your fault. For me, the best thing to do when I'm in a reading slump is just to take a break from reading for a bit OR read something completely different. I think sometimes I just get stuck in a rut reading the same kinds of books all the time. The best book I have read recently was The Silkworm and I think an adult crime novel is something unusual for you to read too, so maybe you could try The Cuckoo's Calling? It's not an emotionally powerful read or anything, but it's entertaining and readable and I have really enjoyed my time reading the series so far.

  5. I'm a very moody reader so if I enter a reading slump, I try to change what I've been reading. These days, despite having ARCs to review, I've been reading older books from my TBR pile for example. I've been lucky with my past few books as they've been really good (e.g. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, Across a Star-Swept Sea, I Hunt Killers, etc.). I hope you break out of your reading slump soon!

  6. Reading slumps are mean :( I am lucky enough that I haven't slipped into one so far this year. If I do I try to reserve small time windows on the weekends for new books that make me excited. Really hoping there will be many fantastic books for you soon :)

  7. If we don't read it for book club soon, I found The Rosie Project a really fun and lighthearted read. Also, can you ever reread Harry Potter #1 too many times?

  8. I had lots of really good read early in the year actually, then I hit a slump too, I just don't know wanna read.
    But of those great books I read at the beginning I recommend My Life in Outer Space - Aussie and adorable!!!
    My Most Excellent Year - few years old but SO good!


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