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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

These Are a Few of my Favourite Things (3)

It's been a couple months since I have shared my favourite things with you. I have a number of things that I have been loving and I am excited to let you know what they are.


The Wolf of Wall Street

I just saw this movie this past weekend, and I liked it WAY more than I expected to. The story was fascinating, and Leo was great. I laughed my way through the whole movie. I should warn you, it has a lot of nudity, drug use and swearing. Also, if you are easily offended than stay away. The film's run time is three hours and I did not find that I got bored once while watching. The pace was good, and as I mentioned earlier the plot was so intriguing. All in all, this was a pretty great movie.

Honourable Mention: American Hustle- This movies was great. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I love her. Bradley Cooper is amazing. Great film.



So I resisted watching this show for so long. I am kind of obsessed with British television., so it's surprising that this one stayed away for as long as it did.  I watched the first two episodes a while ago, and I liked the show, but I wasn't crazy about it like everyone else. Then I watched the third episode in the first season and I was hooked. I loved it. How did I stay away. Why did I stay away. I am glad I did though. Because watching episode 3 of season two and then waiting two years for any kind of resolution- not okay. I am sure you have all watched this show, but if you haven't... what are you waiting for?

HitREcord on TV

So... My love Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing and is back on TV with a show called HitREcord on TV. If you want to know what it's all about I have posted the first episode below. He explains what it's all about. But really it's brilliant and you should absolutely check it out. I believe it airs on Pivot every Saturday.

Honourable Mention: Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor. Matt Smith's final speech had me bawling like a little baby. I was at my mum's on Christmas day and watched it with my family, and they could not understand why I was such a mess. My brother kept saying that it was going to be okay, and my nephew kept giving me hugs and patting my back. 


Bare Face Cleansing Oil from Julep- I really love using a cleansing oil at the end of day to remove any makeup I have on. And I have been loving the cleansing oil from Julep. It removes my makeup beautifully and leaves my skin feeling SO soft and it doesn't break me out. I use a foaming cleanser to clean my skin. The system is great. 

Twilight Woods Triple Moisture Body Cream from Bath and Body Works- The triple moisture body cream from BBW is absolutely amazing. If you haven't tried it, and you are looking for really intense body moisturiser this is it. I have terrible winter skin right now (it's been -50 degrees Celsius here a number of times already), and this has saved my life. This scent is amazing and I absolutely love it. I also have the body mist and the candle. It's so yummy. 


The Silver Lining's Play Book by Matthew Quick- What a fantastic book. If you haven't already read this book you need to get on it. Even if you've seen the movie. It was such a pleasure to read. I'm working on a book to movie post, that should be coming your way soon. But this was a phenomenal book. 

Those are my favourites of the month, I hope you enjoyed. 

~Happy Reading Everyone! 


  1. Great post! It's a great way to get to know you, Sara. :) I should do one of these sometime.

  2. Can't wait to read your book to movie post for Silver Linings Playbook. I personally liked the movie so much better than the book. I just felt MUCH more of a connection between Bradley Cooper and JLaw than I did between the book characters. And the ending of the movie was so much more satisfying for me :)

  3. Woo, love these posts. I STILL need to see The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, but I hope to see both before the Oscars air. Also: I decided to rewatch the first two seasons of Sherlock so I have yet to watch the third yet and I'm dying to. But aren't they fantastic? Each episode is like a movie! So good. I really enjoyed Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick so it doesn't surprise me that his other, more popular book is getting praised here. I'm curious how the book and movie compare! Oh, and I'm glad you had your brother and nephew to take care of you when you had to deal with Matt Smith's departure, hee


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