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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Series Enders

This week's topic is a tough one for me because I don't generally finish series that often. I read the first book, maybe the second book. There are a number of series sitting incomplete on my shelves. Shame on me. Sooooo, I am not sure if this will be a complete list yet. But let's give it a try.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and Bookish 

Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders


1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling- If this is not on everyone's best list I just don't know that I can take them seriously. JK Rowling knew what she was doing with this one and I loved every minute of the ending. I was completely stressed out and off my rocker for the full three days it took me to read this. But whew! 

2) Boundless by Cynthia Hand- Now it depends on what team you're on for this one I think. But I was totally rooting for this specific relationship and I got what I wanted. It was brilliant and perfect and I was so glad when I finally got this one done. 

3) We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han- Love this series, love the end. This was really depends on whose team you are on. If it's right one, you will not be disappointed. 


4) Forever by Maggie Steivater- Don't shoot me guys. But this was one series that was not a fan of.
I did find that I went further into the series the more I enjoyed it. There were certain things in this story that I did not like and there were still some unanswered questions for me. I was excited to hear that Maggie was penning a spin off story featuring Cole and Isabelle. That's exciting for me. 

5) Sever by Lauren DeStefano- When I first read this book, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. But the more I stewed over it, and thought about it. The more I realised that nothing really happened and then there was a resolution that had no real explanation. Lauran is a brilliant writer and her characters in Sever were still pretty spot on, it was just her plot that needed work. 

6) Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins- This series were one of the most stressful series I have ever read. My poor little heart can barely handle it. I liked the first two books in this series and was curious about how it would all come together, I felt like the end was a bit to rushed. What's funny is that I didn't even know there was an epilogue until a friend told me (months after I had read the book), so I had to go back and read that last half a page. Made a world of difference. 

But I think that's all the series that I have ever finished. That is pathetic. Bahahah!

~Happy Reading Everyone! 


  1. Nice list. You can take me seriously, Harry Potter was on my list lol
    You can check it out here http://moniquesmobooks.blogspot.ca/2013/10/top-ten-tuesday-16-bestworst-series.html

  2. I had the same issue as you actually. I mean, I did manage to come up with ten, but it was a struggle and that was pretty eye opening to me. I always consider myself such a series person, but I've completed actually very, very few.

    Yeah, that's definitely one of the problems with love triangles. You can't please everyone! And in fact, you have the potential to really piss off people with them if they're on the "wrong" team.

    Mockingjay definitely wasn't perfect... I'd probably have to read it again to be able to form a more concrete opinion because I read it before I started blogging and I don't think I was nearly as critical about books then as I am now. But I'm happy to hear that you were perhaps a bit more satisfied with the ending of Mockingjay once you read the epilogue, haha!


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