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Monday, October 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (5)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and Bookish.

Top 10 Favorite Authors In X Genre

This week's Top Ten Tuesday lets you choose your favorite authors in a specific genre, be it sci-fi, romance,  nonfiction....anything that strikes your fancy! I have chosen my top five ROMANCE writers and my top five YOUNG ADULT novels- while I know young adult has many sub-genres I am being very general here. 



1) Megan Hart- She is a fantastic novelist. Her writing style is beautiful. Although technically her work would technically be classified would be classified as erotic fiction. It is much more than that. It really is romance and I love it. 

2) Christina Dodd- I have read three of Dodd's novels this month. I have enjoyed her work in the past, and I have rediscovered her greatness. She writes romance novels in a number of sub-genres; paranormal, suspense, contemporary and historical. I have read a majority and I have never been disappointed.

3) JR Ward- I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. But, honestly I love this woman's writing. I love how creative her is, I love the male's she writes, I love her view on love and romance. It's wonderful. I am totally and completely addicted to her books. 

4) Anne Stuart- I remember reading Prince of Magic when I was in the seventh grade (this is embarassingly young). But I attribute this novel to my love of romance. Gabriel and Liz... sigh. It makes me swoon just thinking about it. I have since read all that Stuart has published since than. Her historical, her contemporary, her romantic suspense- I've read them all. I have loved every single one of them. 

5) Rachel Gibson- I love her novels. I love how easy they are to read, and how fun and funny they are. I can usually polish one of her books off in a matter of hours. Easy reading. 

**Honorable Mentions: Diana Palmer, Christie Ridgeway & Lora Leigh**

Young Adult:

1) Melina Marchetta- After Jellicoe Road I was hooked, however The Piper's Son really made me love Marchetta. She is absolutely amazing. I dare anyone to contradict me. Her stories are beautiful and inspiring. They are heartbreaking and hopeful. 

2) JR Rowling- Harry Potter, hello. FANTASTIC. If you haven't read the Harry Potter series what are you waiting for? The world that Rowling created is... I don't even know how to explain it. She has a true gift.

3) John Green- I had a hard time with Green in the beginning. I read Looking for Alaska and wasn't terrible impressed. I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson and I was delighted, I read The Fault in Our Stars and I was amazed and a complete fan. Thinking back to Looking for Alaska, I actually liked it way more than I thought. John Green is a fantastic writer. I am glad to have read his work. 

4) Cynthia Hand- She has only written the two books- Unearthly and Hallowed- but they are so completely incredible. Amazing stories and wonderfully written. I will probably read everything she writes, and I can't wait to see how she ends the above mentioned series. 

5) Jenny Han- I loved her Pretty series. They are like Rachel Gibson's novels for me, but in YA form. They are fun and light, and they don't take me very long to read. I am so looking forward to reading Burn for Burn

**Honorable Mentions: Lauren DeStefano & Ellen Hopkins**


  1. Hehe. John Green books seems to be every one's favourite... including mine! Lol. Great list!

    Here's my Top 10

  2. I don't read Romance, but your YA list rocks. I actually ugly cried over Looking for Alaska... You should definitely check out Paper Towns. I really loved that one, although not as much as the other three JG books you mentioned.

    Check out my Top Ten Favorite YA Contemporary Authors HERE!

    Also, I have a FANTASTIC giveaway of a SIGNED copy Lauren Oliver's new book, THE SPINDLERS, going on HERE!

  3. I love pretty much everyone in you list except for Anne Stuart and Megan Hart because I haven't read them yet! But I will :d

    Great list.

  4. I too added J.R. Ward on my list. Check out my Top 10

    Also, your template is AMAZING! So unique. Love it!!

    New follower.

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  5. I am SO TIRED of people saying Melina Marchetta and John Green are sooo amazing and I have never read their books. I realize I must be missing out big time!! But the problem is just finding the time to read their stuff among all the newly-hyped releases coming out. It's not always a priority and that sucks. But I MUST read more contemporary and it has to start with them!! I will try my best to make this happen sometime sort-of soon.


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