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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Thoughts: Secrets by Freya North

It would seem that my last post was on Aug 10th, which was a good long time ago. And to be truthful I haven't really been reading anything that's worth talking about. Mostly just rereading books that I have read before. I do however have a book I finished a couple weeks ago (more like a couple months ago) that was pretty good. I actually enjoyed reading it. Secrets by Freya North.

The story starts out with Tess needing to get away from life in London and start new. So she takes her daughter Em, heads north to take a job as a house sitter for Joe. Joe is always away building bridges and needs someone around to take care of his beast of a dog and his monster of a house. So the woman moves into the man's house, and well what do you think happens?

It's a monster of a book at 466 pages, but every page is worth it. It's funny and awkward and completely heartwarming. The characters and the way their relationship matures is believable, which is refreshing because it's not often that you get that.

I would reread this book, and I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Freya North. This story was one that made you smile when you were done, and that's a good feeling.


  1. Is this a British chick lit book? It sounds like something I'd enjoy so thanks for the heads up. I've never heard of the book or the author before.

  2. This is indeed a British Chick Lit. So Cute. This is the only one I've read by her, however I have plans to read more.


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