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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Thoughts: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

When I was 17 I really needed to be saved; I needed someone to come into my life and take charge and help me out. I knew it, and I was okay with that, I did not in any way think that my life was just fine the way it was. Not so for Ruby the main character in Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key.
Ruby is a 17 year old kid who thinks that life with her mom is normal and that she doesn't need any one's help. So when her mom takes off and she goes to live with her older sister (whom she hasn't spoken to in 10 years) and her husband in their posh new home it's not exactly ideal for Ruby.
This was a sweet novel, with just the right amount of cheese. It was easy to read with no awkward bits, and no need for a box of tissue (although I did have to blink every once in a while). It was a nice break from the book I read which still keeps me up at night. This was the PERFECT summer read.
Dessen also wrote How to Deal which I liked as a movie and always thought would make a really great book, so I may read that some day. I really enjoyed this story and I am wondering if it would be a smart thing to go out and read all of her books (maybe this would be a 'to much of a good thing' scenario.) Who knows?

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  1. I totally agree!

    This book is the perfect summer read, it's kind of a big book but it's such a great story that I ate this book up in no time at all. Loved it even though Ruby kind of got on my nerves throughout the book.


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